Sunday, November 20, 2005

Donating Sperm?

Read NYTimes: Hello, I'm Your Sister. Our Father Is Donor 150.

As I read this article, am reminded tt some time ago, a colleague posed a hypothetical question: Would I donate my sperm to a close female friend who is married & is unable to conceive?

Having never occurred to me before, I gave it some thought on the spot. My reply: I would be inclined to, but I belive tt the ability to procreate is a privilege from God. And my seed would contain a part of me, which I'm not sure whether giving it away would go against the order of things that God has intended for us.

Reading about these siblings borne of the same donor sperm and seeking out each other and their biological father simply sounds odd. But who am I to judge?

Interesting thought huh?

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Disjecta said...

well...perhaps if its just that one close friend...I wouldn't mind donating.

Wouldn't she be happier after all?