Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Great Wedding and Too Many Men

Attended Teck Wee & Edna's wedding service today. T'was a most beautiful event & am truly happy for them. Seeing the video presentation of their past photos & how the couple's romance began made me realize how everything in their lives have been leading up to this faithful moment.

The service was short & sweet & it's the 1st time I saw Pst Derek doing solemnization. One advice he doled out to TW, "men must love their women a lot, but don't try to understand them." How true.

When I remarked to the bride tt I like attending wedding services because I find them v. meaningful, she point out that "they always preach the same message". Haha, true! But it's not the same, of course :)

Had dinner with 2 EFP pals, H & Gil, at Sofra, the turkish restaurant at Shaw Tower. Great food & lovely ambience, kinda romantic but not for 3 singletons pigging out. Coffee/tea followed at Bugis and H started lamenting how small her community is and how hard it is to find the right guy - she's dated so many guys, she's lost count.

One thing H surmised tt's remained in my mind, "she's a conservative person with a modern outlook looking for one of the same." Good luck, blurted Gil.

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