Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Melaka Day 3: Sights & Smells

9.30am Big breakfast after a brief jog at the gym (come on lah, with all tt stuffing, how to run half-marathon??) - we notice man-who-walks-with-mouth-open moving back & forth between his family's seats & the buffet counter like a bird feeding its young. After SS#5, it's back to vegetate in room with Far-flung Floyd who entertains a most matronly South African queen.

1pm 2 lazy butts finally muster up enough energy to cab over to Jalan Bunga Raya, a small road filled with bustling shophouses, interspersed with dark (some smelly) alleys.

Lotsa sights & smells: As we walked along in the mid-day heat, we passed many shops touting brightly coloured home decorations & a wide array of textiles, probably for locals in preparation for Hari Raya. The occasional confectionery with the ever-intoxicating aroma of fresh bakes. The coffee trader and its siren song of caffeinated products wafting across the street. Many Bata outlets for some odd reason. Countless scooters parked along the road.

As we stopped at 1 street corner, I spied from a distance - TAN KIM HOCK! Yes, as G puts it, we were tourists on the TKH pilgrimage & the sampling of its durian chendol which completes the Malacca tourist. But true to D's 'warning prior to the trip, when we finally tried it, the chendol standard really had dropped - to way way way down there.

3pm By the time we got genuinely hungry, most of the eateries were closed, so we trudged back up along the road to Discovery Cafe, a fav hangout for caucasian tourists. The place really is quite a hodge-podge of curiosities & knick-knacks of the past including an old transistor radio, chinese comics from the 1950s, old photos depicting the immediate area around the cafe before it built. Food was great, even though we weren't tt hungry, esp. its ice coffee.

4plus Lounging by the pool & listening to my Muvo, I was dozing off in the mildly warm breeze, while G turned pruney in the pool in a sliver of her sunlit section of the pool. Then it was back to vegetating in the hotel.

8pm Began our search for Peranakan food aka SS#6 at the Taman Melaka Raya area which is within walking distance of our hotel. But the streets with its many empty eateries were too quiet for our comfort & we eventually ducked into a North Indian restaurant where a family was already dining within. V. polite owner near-protested tt we'd ordered too much - thought the naan stuffed with onion & coriander was quite good. Truth be told, it didn't seem like a lot of food & we'd to rationalize ourselves into believing tt despite our bulging tummies *grin*

Eventually trudged back to the hotel in the cool of the night.

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