Sunday, November 27, 2005

Stupid & Obstinate, But Still Inspired

With 1 week left to the SG (half-)marathon, decided to up the ante to over an hour for my evening run. Started at 6.30pm and everything went well for the next hour. Though I had at least another 25min to go on my planned route, I realized I was getting dehydrated and the sky was rapidly darkening.

After passing under CTE along YCK rd, decided to cut through a private estate across to AMK ave 5. I knew tt there was a shortcut somewhere, having been along it before, so there I was venturing along roads quite alien to me.

After winding through 6 junctions or so, my sense of direction was confused and I sought for distant landmarks to re-orientate myself. Not long after I came to a deadend backed by grass and further down, a dark grove of trees. The rumble of vehicles from beyond was encouraging. I skirted along the edge, but failed to find an opening. At one point, I ended up on large metal slabs covering a drain of some sort and found myself bobbing up and down. Bad idea, back onto tarmac I go.

Near-panicking, thoughts of dehydrating and fainting on the road crossed my mind. Cursed myself for such being stupidly adventurous. Eventually slowed to a quick walk to reduce water loss. I considered approaching residents for water and directions, but the big opulent houses looked too menacing and empty. I'm sure I can find my way.

Or so I thought. When I finally admitted to myself tt I was lost, I asked a lady walking the opposite way for directions. Her reply, "Wah, AMK ave 5 ah? That's some distance away." She did point me to YCK rd and even told me which way to go. I thanked her and quickened my pace.

And reach YCK rd, I did, except stupidly obstinate, I still was - decided to go the other way along my original planned route, thinking I wasn't far from ave 5. 10 minutes in and still along YCK rd, I was cursing myself again. Wondered if my family was worried by now; it was almost 2hrs since I left home. I imagined my parents driving around AMK, searching for me.

Eventually reaching home, I somehow expected a welcome burst of relief & worry. But my family was serenely going about dinner/household chores. What if I had died, I thought? They would be none the wiser.

After dinner, I chanced upon the latest issue of Pioneer mag lying on the kitchen table. Not a fan of this mag, but gotta take your hat off to this commando, doing a 250km foot race across the Gobi desert.

Oddly inspired, I am though. But better conquer YCK 1st before any desert.

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