Saturday, December 10, 2005

Green Reflections i

Random incidents & thoughts from over the past week of ICT (BTW there's 1 more week to go):

Against One's Will - Among my army buddies, I'm reputed as a decent runner who loves running. One guy commented to me after completing our IPPT, "You know, I don't remember you being a runner during NSF days." I told him tt I only started doing the quarter & half marathons since end 2003. "Why the interest? Is it because there's no one forcing you to do it now?" I blinked before blurting my realization, "Probably."

From Fear to Roles - Oddly, I actually enjoyed the overnight exercise we had, in spite of pesky ants & mozzies, near-horlan-ing & sleep-deprivation. Guess one main reason's now tt we're all adults, instead of a culture of fear & command/obey, each of us are simply operating & cooperating in defined roles.

Fatigue & Temper - As usual, after exercise-cut, we headed back to camp to wash up and return our equipment. All were eager to book out & all were tired though some more so than others. Tempers flared over the seemingly trivial, but the rest of us simply raised an eyebrow. At first, I found it odd. But I later recalled that on wednesday evening, I was feeling mighty irritable myself - tired after a long day but had to remain for a briefing in church before catching the last train, eager to catch what little sleep I could yet having to endure a long commute.

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