Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I Held a Newborn Today

Visited new parents, Corn & Geryl, & their baby Ryan, weighing in at a hefty 3.510kg with glowing, blushed cheeks.

While Ryan was being breastfed, the rest of us conveniently went for dinner across the road. I asked him how it feels to be a father.

Corn: Still can't believe it.

Me: What? After 9 months and you still can't believe??

Corn: Yeah, 9 months passed so quickly.


Me: I'd like to be a father one day.

Apparently none of the guys wanted to hold Ryan, mainly for fear of dropping him. But finally I plucked up courage, duly washed my hands and held him gingerly - enough to pose for 1 shot.

The usual ooh-ing and ah-ing over tiny hands & feet ensued.

A blessed family this is - an ultra-fast delivery of only an hour (4.30am check in, 5.25am baby's cries hello world) and a healthy baby.

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