Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hot & Steamy

T'was a hot & steamy night - yup, reunion with immediate family a la steamboat galore! Promfet, prawns, shitake & golden mushrooms, egg-beancurd cubes etc... washed down with a smooth glass of Malbec 2002 - after which mom & bro turned lobster red. In middle of dinner, dad remarked tt we must do this every month and mom suggested a herbal soup one next time. With 3 birthdays coming up (dad, mom & bro), this brand new steamboat's gonna be quite well-used.

Watched Charlie & the Chocolate Factory on VCD after that *chirp* "Willy Wonka! Willy Wonka! The amazing chocolateur!" Johnny Depp's amazingly versatile, must say - completely becomes the quirky role. Morale of the story: kids, just be good & say the right things at the right time and all will be right; ppppp-parents, raise your kids right and it'll pay for itself.

This morning, visited my parents' church since I'd already attended mine this week. Lotsa hand-shaking, mouthing CNY wishes while explaining "Edmund, not Edwin." Not quite used to hearing preaching in mandarin either. One great testimony about how one man was touched by his son's faith-filled response to God's financial blessings. One touching reading of Pastor George Ong's heartfelt CNY card from his daughter. Wonderful to see what God is doing elsewhere.

Before the service started, Dad's friend blurted, "Your dad praises you quite often. Says what a good son you are."

My stupid retort, "He never praises me in front of me."

Happy CNY! May your mobiles be inundated with countless CNY sms greetings in Chinese.

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