Monday, January 30, 2006

Memories Mem-mem-mem-mem-mem-Memories

What does one do on 2nd day of CNY with nothing to do at home? Why, spring-clean, of course!

While clearing out my desk, I came across:

Photos from another life
- 2004: NUS Commencement graduation photos (univ days seems so far away)
- 2001: NUSSO tour to Sydney & Melbourne (that nightmare concert at the Opera House…)
- 2000: BRC fun day out at Sentosa’s Fantasy Island (lotsa dunking involved) and boy do we look innocent & Guardsmen fit, haha!)
- 1999 – 2000: NS pics of buddies & me sweating blood during various overseas trips
- 1998: BMT Mohawk coy photo (i.e. coy = company)
- 1997: ACJC class photo (boy was I a geek and oh, there’s our favourite butcher maths teacher whom we all loved to hate)
- 1996: Photo of JC classmate whom I had a crush on (not telling who)
- 1996: Caricature done during ACJC band tour to Japan & South Korea
- 1994: Horn sectionals during band camp (boy do we look geeky & innocent)

Knick knacks
- A declaration from Jared, my hornie hubby (don’t ask)
- Leather strip from days of making grip-guards for the French horn (man, those stupid colour combi’s we used to choose)
- Coins from Singapore (old ones), Malaysia, Brunei (during NS), Germany (during ACS band performance tour), China (work trip to Beijing in Oct 04)
- 3 molars from wisdom teeth extraction (now where did the 4th one go?)

- 2005 Straits Times National Day supplement (a true collectible)
- Cook books - 2 Italian & 1 all things chocolate
- Personal namecards from Computing Club (2002/3) and APRU (2004)

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