Saturday, January 21, 2006

Something New, Something Exciting

Everyone keeps telling me how fit I am. But to paraphrase today's cellgroup message: excellence is relative. I'm no Ben Pulham, that's for sure (btw he's only 25). Well, running's just running - pure, physical exercise.

Biathlon training update: Right after cellgroup today, I zipped off to SAFRA Yishun & swam 22 continuous laps. Woohoo! 8 more to go, to pass SG biathlon swimming trial. But after ZH pointed out the finer points of the challenges a biathlon presents, am still apprehensive. One month more before I decide whether to sign up or not.

Spotted the 25m wall, proudly standing in Yishun sub-urbania. It beckoned to me and so did the sports climbing gear shop. Checked out the climbing shoes, tried to ask for recommendation for reasonably priced one - the cheapest was $100. But am determined to pick up this sport.

This year, I resolve to do something new, something different, something exciting. The rest of you can either just stand aside and watch or come along for the thrill. WOOT! :)

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