Sunday, January 08, 2006

To Grow Old & Die

Read in today's Sunday Times, Confessions of a new senior citizen by Richard Lim. The article brought on a faintly familiar sentiment, because I used to tell others tt I fear growing old - of a gradually decaying body and all its accompanying ailments till ultimate death.

But it also brought on stiff disagreement - for I've realized this life holds a wonderful future and a hope - and a tinge of sympathy for the writer. Of course, being old & unable to do the things tt one used to enjoy is a state no one desires. But some do age gracefully; my mom once commented how the wife of General Chiang Kai Shek still looked so beautiful even in her later days. More importantly, we can choose to live our lives meaningfully towards an envisioned end state and eagerly anticipating the life after.

Courtesy of BBC News

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