Tuesday, February 14, 2006

For 1 only

Oh alright, enough with the V Day dissing already. Lest people think I'm a sour, dour prematurely-resigned bachelor.

Seriously, being asked repeatedly about my evening plans and seeing people walking around with flower bouquets in hand ain't a great feeling. Even mom's been dropping hints (she remarked how Diana Ser must make a good wife).

Life as a singleton should be great, no? No commitments, no bickering, eating and thinking for 1 only... Yet I know part of me yearns to be in love. Let's just hope tt this forlorn wistfulness won't last beyond tonight.

When women see people looking at them, I wonder what passes through their minds. Is it hope? A heightened sense of self? Feigned disinterest?

No point fathoming them, here's a toast to singlehood in all its glory.



s-chic vonne said...
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ah_min said...

Happy belated valentine day!!! hee hee may u found ur love one!!! hee hee...

Ed said...

It's not abt the day, but the state of being single.

Chee Chiu said...


my day was spend at work, then meeting at 6.30, then stuck with dinner with another of the client's consultant at la pa sat until 8 pm, afterwhich, got stuck in jam in cross street on my way home.

so mayb urs isn't so bad, right?