Saturday, February 25, 2006

Love & Let Love

After tutoring my cousin this morning - yes, I've started tuition again but thankfully teaching family's quite rewarding and it's also a relative breeze because it's just Elementary Maths or affectionately known as E-Maths plus kids are always such a joy.

I digress, so I tagged along with my aunt's family for lunch. Over teochew porridge and kopi, I asked my aunt whether my dad had borrowed money from her - a redundant question because I already knew the answer - and told her pointedly tt I would repay her.

The conversation dovetailed into one about my dad, financial implications of buying a HDB flat, car prices as well as moonlighting alternatives, enlightening me most of all, on human perception.

Suffice it to say tt it's left me in a both ponderous and a burdened mood.

My resigned conclusion cum steady parry: harbouring deep-rooted resentment will only tear down the resenter; instead live and let live, love and let love.

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