Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Not another medical drama, you say?

Hardly qualified to critique since I'm not a regular follower - TV's on but I'm not watching, yeah I do tt - but I managed to catch the finale.

Tonight's takeaway: You're better off letting secrets in the open.

Really now? I heard someone go.

What I like about the show: You've got a bit of everything, from fumbly wannabe doctors to medical adrenaline to restrained romance. My favourite character? George, the lovable loser. The rest? Izzie's beautiful but too self-righteous, Meredith's insecure, and Cristina's too angsty.

Review off CNN.com:
Bedside manner assumes a whole new meaning on ABC's doctor dramedy "Grey's Anatomy" -- what with interns babysitting severed penises, elevators doubling as boudoirs, syphilis running rampant among the staff, and the whole series opening with a crucial one-night stand.

Add narration that's more Carrie Bradshaw than Baudelaire ("By the time the pain of not doing a thing gets worse than the fear of doing it, it can feel like ... a giant tumor") and you've got "Sex and the City" for the stethoscope set. (Patrick Dempsey's Dr. McDreamy may as well be code for Mr. Big.)

The always-awed Meredith Grey (Renee Zellweger doppelganger Ellen Pompeo) and a stock supporting cast-asexual lug, callous cad, blond bombshell, and nakedly ambitious go-getter (Golden Globe winner Sandra Oh) -- beguilingly bear the panic and pitfalls of the surgical intern experience.

Even with outrageous cases typical of every prime-time hospital series (a guy shoots seven nails into his head, a tumor tops 50 pounds), "Season One" manages, with snark and sex appeal, to save itself from wonky patient-of-the-week sentimentality (sorry, "ER").

EW Grade: B+

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Lemming said...

I watched season one in one sitting, that's how hooked I am on it!