Saturday, February 11, 2006

Previous Hornie Life

Watching ACSWO in Concert reminded me of my horn-tooting days. Enjoyable concert with easy-going fare. A senior who was playing commented tt he felt like a paedophile - the average age must have been like 17 or 18, complete with giggly squeals/girly screams/united shouts for encoresss during interval and at the end.

Amidst the rousing crescendos in the highly emotive Turandot, I did consider picking up the horn again. In fact, an old boy cum varsity trombonist did ask me to revive this previous life.

But I've more or less decided that that life is over and done with and I've emerged infinitely enriched, musically and otherwise.

T'was great catching up with old friends. Seeing Dr Lee and my seniors by 3yrs up on stage conjured a curious sense of nostalgia; after 6 fond yesteryears, here they are, back on stage (and here we are, bitching in the audience). Guess that's what alumni is about. And to quote Ms Sng, "Truly it's by the grace of God..."

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Lemming said...

I knew you guys would be doing that!!!
Come on, spill the beans!!

But yeah, thanks for coming anyways and do hope to see yer the next concert!