Saturday, February 04, 2006

Race, Class, Life, Fate

Caught on video last night, Crash (do check out the website's Experience the Film, a feature which literally colours your perceptions). Directed by Paul Haggis who also wrote Million Dollar Baby (not to be mistaken with the company selling cribs & baby furniture).

The word human comes to mind, but I can hardly find a single word which wholly describes the film. The movie's endless racist slurs simply makes one wonder if our recently talked-about WP's manifesto is truly valid.

But I digress. A true Academy Award winner Crash is, I'd say, but we'll see.

Most emotional scene for me: When the racist-prick-cop dives into the upturned car to rescue the female driver whose modesty he'd just outraged the night before.

Courtesy of NYTimes: "So what kind of a movie is "Crash"? A frustrating movie: full of heart and devoid of life; crudely manipulative when it tries hardest to be subtle; and profoundly complacent in spite of its intention to unsettle and disturb."

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