Monday, February 13, 2006

Theological Sparring

Read these posts from wooQ:

Refutation of City Harvest's "Divine Healing" Article

Commentor: "I have absolutely no doubt Kong Hee is a 'dynamic' leader who knows how to motivate his audience. But so was Adolf Hitler, who was highly effective at speaking in front of large crowds. Portraying a 'dynamic' personality in no way validate the truthfulness of the leader’s teachings."

A Response to Daniel (Pst Audrey's Zone) regarding the Word-Faith Movement

"To be 'deep in theology' is to revere the Word of God. I do not see how any practicing Christian could despise the Scriptures when it is plain that the Word of God is meant to guide our lives."

My take: In-fighting don't bring no glory to Him.


Anonymous said...

There exists a thin fine line between in-fighting and guarding the truth of the Word.

Don't forget that the hearts of men are deceitful. Robert Greene's 48 Laws of Power says: Law 27 - Play on People’s Need to Believe to Create a Cultlike Following

Sometimes people ask questions because they are genuinely curious. Sometimes people ask to induce people to think a little more to what was being said. But if no one asked questions, then how do we even discern and test what we hear against the Word of God? Or is that what a church/pastor really wants deep down in his heart?

Anonymous said...

A bit off-topic.

Check out this website talking about evolution and creationism @