Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bang Table

It's one of those nights when you trudge home, plonk yourself down and wonder why on earth you're feeling so exhausted. Just returned from a D&D full of the usual lucky draw & uninteresting entertainment galore. Sometimes you wonder why some people are so lucky as to win such fab prizes, but this time I didn't - just clapped and shared in their eager joy. On my right was Mr Wong bemoaning the lack of wine, on my left wasn't even an employee of ours.

Yup, it's been a year since my Tang Tang appearance, this year I got to humiliate myself bhangra-style *shake head to bopping beats*

Another near-hectic week at work with more lessons in how to craft effective emails - there should be awards for reading & replying to the most emails in a day. Alright, enough about work--

Lamented to ZH the other day how music seems rather absent in my life right now, particularly poignant considering my hornie past. His remark was tt a part of my brain's probably not being stimulated enough. Am going for an SSO chamber concert this sunday - Bartok Divertimento, here I come *somebody sneeze geek* Well I would have gone for Jason Mraz if I'd a free ticket...

Back at home, it's the same old same old, except it seems to be getting worse. All I can say is love and let love - wish I didn't have to bear someone else's burden but I do. God help me.

Oh glorious weekend!! G'night, everybody!

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