Friday, March 03, 2006

Exercises in Futility?

In the kitchen the other night, I noticed my bro watching his near-immortal terrapin who's perpetually struggling in vain to climb out of the glass tank it's kept in. That's what futility looks like, I remark to my bro. But as an afterthought, I said tt it could also be pure persistence.

At work this week: Suffice it to say tt the total amount of effort expended in bringing something to fruition is more than the total real benefit in the greater scheme of things. Another exercise in futility? Why for do it, you ask. Well, being conservative, necessity has become our dearest motivator.

On a separate note, this analogy was offered to me: I own a car which I use to ferry passengers. One day the car breaks down and only after much unhappiness and frustration in censuring and goading the mechanic into action, the car is finally up and running - except tt a certain original part has been left out because the mechanic claims we're better off without it. In fact, my passengers seem to think so too. But the car was designed to function with the original part, therefore as a matter of principle, I insist on restoring tt original part. More haggling with the mechanic ensues.

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