Saturday, March 18, 2006


Ah Kong is 89yo this year - the DOB on his IC says [ ]-[ ]-1917.

Tonight I briefly traced Grandpa Ng's history:
Born circa 1917 in the year of the horse. As a teochew migrant, gramps arrived in SG at the age of 17yo. Became a sampan rower. But he couldn't get accustomed to the scorching heat here, so he switched to work in a rubber factory instead and eventually rose to become a supervisor. At 27yo, gramps married grams who was 17yo during the Japanese occupation.

In the 1950s, SG's rubber supply was affected to communist attacks and the factory had to close down (or so I gather from my brief internet search). Gramps and pals switched to selling sweets and cold drinks and he went on to set up his own provision shop - I recall grams telling an amusing tale of how my eldest uncle was appointed the stout guardian of the shop while Ah Kong and Ah Ma tended to other matters elsewhere.

Eventually closed down his shop to join his younger brother's business. 1970s saw him obtaining certification as a repairer of electrical appliances like radios and TVs. Retired circa 1980s with 10 glorious grown-up children and many more grandchildren to come :)

Happy birthday, gramps!

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