Monday, March 20, 2006

Quaint & Tragic

Chamber concert yesterday was most enjoyable. VCH’s as cosy & familiar as ever, too bad SSO’s shifted over now. Amusingly, my seats were taken by the resident oboeist and his 2 sidekicks, so I’d take someone else’s seat.

Stravinsky’s Octet was a rather quaint and whimsical piece – he said he saw a group of musicians in a dream. And thus was born his first neo-classical work for fl, cla, 2 bsn, 2 tpt & 2 trb, inspired by Bach to take on a contrapuntal form. Commented to my L at the end of it, “We aren’t sure where it’s bringing us.”

Nielsen’s Little Suite was soothing – a little too soothing (

Complimentary Hungarian wine was served during the intermission, in celebration of Bartok’s 125th Anniversary.

The Divertimento was distinctly Bartok – with his trademark structure & symmetry – and had a tragic quality to it. Scored for string orchestra only but varied textures still abounded with many mood changes throughout all 3 parts – like the thoughts of someone finding hope in a place where it is scarce.

Been a while since I got to idle by the SG river while breathing in bumboat exhaust with someone in the background yelping, “Ice-cream, ice-cream!”    

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