Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Week Past

Work's really picked up now, with THE project in full force. There's so much to do. Most interestingly, now that I've told my bosses my career aspirations, their expectations have changed and I need to change my mode of operation too. Admittedly, am feeling daunted by this challenge. Am learning to lean on Him more and more.

We've started a new cellgroup! Always interesting meeting new folks, esp. non-locals. Learned how chinese food actually is like in India (think masala fried rice) and how local dentists could be cheating the unsuspecting dentee.

Wanted to visit the IT show on friday after work, but found no kakis. And I also got advice from a church fren tt the best deals are actually found in heartland shops - applies to electrical appliances as well.

Everyone keeps asking me about my biathlon and I simply rattle out the same answer, "Oh, half the distance lor. My time was xx min and my mucus came out green with muck..." There's not much to it really - Just do it :)

Just attended Sharon & Zoggie's wedding service this afternoon. Never laughed so much before during a marriage solemnization, but the sermon did bring up valuable points for couples - communicate, compromise & cherish always. Was quite touched watching them recite their wedding vows. When will I ever get to say my wedding vows, I wondered. Oh, one day you will, someone seemed to whisper in my head.

Tonight's another night of bingeing MSG-laden food. Cheers to the newly weds! :D

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