Friday, May 05, 2006

Loti "Gu Yew"

Courtesy of Yawning Bread

Missed WP's rally at AMK last night. Didn't realize the scale of these rallies, esp. the WP's, till I saw pictures for myself (see above) - spectators must have easily added to 10K or more (a picture of another night's rally at Hougang that better depicts the numbers here). Dad reported hearing both cheers & jeers during the speeches - the main point he caught from WP was how a first world country requires an opposition and how the costs of living in Singapore are soon to increase.

It's the first time I'm taking an interest in local politics, so I guess I should be grateful to the 5 young upstarts contesting against PM Lee's team.

Had an interesting conversation this morning with my colleagues. One attended last night's WP rally and was actually impressed by a few of the speakers - issues raised included how the poor & needy are being neglected, how ministers getting top-dollar should be made more accountable and how the PAP is perpetuating a system built around itself.

I couldn't help but expressed how I disagree with the mode of delivery in appealing to emotions and instead I pointed out achievements in the PAP's favour. That's when K remarked (rather insightfully, I thought) that he shared my idealistic sentiments in his younger days. But his personal experiences with various Government policies through living in, raising a family & taking care of an ailing parent in Singapore made him realize how harsh the pressures of life can be. CK then shared about dismal living conditions at one-room apartment HDB block where elderly dying unnoticed is a common scene.

Suddenly I feel like a young upstart, untried by life, genuine bread & butter issues unbeknownst. But one thing I've realized, that the Government's responsibilities are truly multi-facted.

After that discussion, somehow Lim Boon Heng's words in Today's broadcast rang somewhat hollow - that is, simply words. Now what is progress if society leaves behind the disdavantaged? Suddenly I'm glad for my church's social outreach efforts.

Do read Guardian Limited's Fear is the weapon that stifles dissent though I deem it an accurate but incomplete take on our sunny island (though now gloomily wet).

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Shu said...

The speech is done by people like us, who can only put in words to paint a good picture.

I think opposition is good in the sense they made us think of issues which we took for granted.