Monday, May 29, 2006

Up & Down

Money matters get me down... well, not quite the whole picture but yeah. I can only thank God for His grace & empowerment!

Question: What are you passionate about? I've realized that there's something I should be passionate about... Jesus! After all, He's sacrificed so much for us and who else is the lord of all? The Christianly walk ain't easy though, simply because the spirit battles the flesh.

Am glad I went for church this morning, been feeling a little down. But an inspiring & uplifting word was preached - (paraphrased) of remembering who I am, what I have and what I can achieve. It ain't smoke & mirrors and polished motivational speak, that much I will at least attest to.

After church today, visited SAM, mainly for the Fiction@Love exhibit and had a enjoyable time. Pictures speak for themselves (all sneakily taken, of coz!).


Mickell said...

Amen. Thank God for Jesus :)

Anonymous said...

Hi I noticed your Le Petit Breton on your website and have heard of that place. Am dying to know where exactly it is at Upper Thomson, could you email me the info at Thank you very much