Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hurls & Runs

Food poisoning doth make the mind hurl forth its ruminations.

It's a curious sensation really.

First the sickly feeling and the initial retching, followed by chest heaving and stomach wrenching as the body seeks to expunge every pathogen and everything else - even if it's a favourite breakfast of banana nut cereal. Even the sides hurt as one tries to expedite the upward purgation.

Eventually the heaving ceases and one is left tearing and drippy-nosed, with a throat sore with the sour burn of gastric juices. Staring at the mess of half-ingestions, one can't help but wonder, why bother to eat properly if everything looks the same within anyway?

For now, it's sweet catharsis...

Early this morning, a cheeky sms from a church friend intones, "Remember to say grace next time."

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