Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rolling Stones Gather No Moss

Today's words of wisdom:
If you stop exercising, you'll grow flabby. You might not even realize it until you're met with a rigorous challenge.
I was rather encouraged by last week's message was about rolling away the obstructing stones in our lives to keep moving towards success in life. But time and time again, I find myself slacking and then scrambling to respond when additional demands suddenly comes my way.

I read a book on leadership and am inspired to grow in my capibilities. I observe others around and recognize characteristics that I want to emulate. Yet in my personal life, things appear so mediocre, contrary to the dynamism I wish for. I pray for God to mould my character but he isn't going to zap me with a new personality.

Sometimes there's so much resistance in life, I wonder why bother.

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