Thursday, June 01, 2006

SG Explorers

Took the day off today and hurried myself out of the house shortly after 10am (before homely lethargy won over).

Explored more of SG today or rather, more of the same. See slideshow here.

Today's walking escapade started along Pitt Street aka Thieves Market. But didn't risk many photos there; just didn't feel safe.

For some reason, wasn't feeling very inspired at Little India till I starting shooting vegetables. Must have triggered some domestic instinct...

Pottered along to Sim Lim Square. Met Iv for lunch & thus began his "total defence tour" (kindly reminded by Ms Sam) - the ultra high-tech National Library, the monstrous new Supreme Court, Raffles Green, Clifford Pier & our good ol' Merlion.

What a tiring but infinitely satisfying day :)


Lemming said...

Iv?? The Sex God?!

Ivan said...

watch your language are reading this. =p