Saturday, July 08, 2006

Old vs New

The disparity between the old and the new ever widens. My dad continues to utter "Microword Soft" and I can't be bother to correct him anymore, instead I resign myself to the fate of domestic IT support.

After tuition at my cousin's, I complimented my cousin for building a worthy home-made racing car as his Design & Technology project. I genuinely wished that I had such 'cool' subjects during my time. But my aunt revealed that it was his dad who had painstakingly taken care of sawing wood and final assembly. She went on to lament how her sons return home with little homework and have too much time to laze out and that she now has to undertake the responsibility of teaching her youngest son how to write in chinese.

In the news: mrBrown's column has been dropped from Today. Pity.

Made another card for my cellgroup member's birthday. All this effort, I wonder what it goes towards.

Pardon me, saturday ramblings...

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