Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Real Run But No Kick

Took part in the New Balance Real Run last sunday - clocked a time of about 54min. Held at Sentosa, the 10km race included stretches of 2.4km trail and 2km sand. Turnout was pretty good, but organizers seemed to be overwhelmed (runners were still streaming in after flag-off).

Overall, it didn't prove as challenging as it was hyped up to be - and I'm not blowing my own trumpet. To be fair, the hilly road proved challenging and the sand stretch was utterly annoying, but the trail stretch was practically a walk through the park on a paved track. Perhaps I had delusional ideas from Eco Challenge, a truly gruelling multi-day adventure race.

Memorable, though FAR from pleasant, was being tormented by a fellow runner having the runs. And since he was running at the same pace as me, I was hard-put to out-run him. Admirable is all I can say. Remember, the race's slogan is "Get out of the way."

Spotted a cute shoulder tattoo on a 18yo-ish guy - it was of Dino, the pet dinosar from the Flintstones. No further comments.

Most important take-away: I run for God and for myself. Don't bother understanding it. But run with me, you must.

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