Sunday, August 13, 2006

You Will Not Like Me

Caught The Libertine (2005, Laurence Dunmore), a film depicting the colourful but brief life of John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester.

For all the man's intellect and wit, he wasted his life away in an essentially nihilist belief. Debauchery notwithstanding, he simply neglected to focus his talents constructively. Of course, this film is offering its own representation which may not be complete and accurate.

Read some of his works here.

I pray that I will not waste my own life away, distracted by pursuits of things that are temporary and unprofitable.
A Fragment of Seneca Translated
Lord John Wilmot

After Death nothing is, and nothing, death,
The utmost limit of a gasp of breath.
Let the ambitious zealot lay aside
His hopes of heaven, whose faith is but his pride;
Let slavish souls lay by their fear
Nor be concerned which way nor where
After this life they shall be hurled.
Dead, we become the lumber of the world,
And to that mass of matter shall be swept
Where things destroyed with things unborn are kept.
Devouring time swallows us whole.
Impartial death confounds body and soul.
For Hell and the foul fiend that rules
God's everlasting fiery jails
(Devised by rogues, dreaded by fools),
With his grim, grisly dog that keeps the door,
Are senseless stories, idle tales,
Dreams, whimseys, and no more.

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