Saturday, September 23, 2006

Already Back from Phuket Lah

Pardon the blog silence for the last couple of weeks. Been busy at work, then was overseas and after returning, spent my time editing my travel journal & my beloved pics.

Savoured wonderful sights, sounds & smells in Phuket island and Krabi and more in between. View full collection of pics here.

Phuket-Krabi 007
Customary window shot

Phuket-Krabi 014
Gem cutting & polishing - such delicate work.

Phuket-Krabi 010
Kid holding kid?

Phuket-Krabi 027a
Beach! Except it was monsoon season.

Phuket-Krabi 061
Admiring the scenery (Viking cave beyond)

Phuket-Krabi 080
The elusive streetside coconut ice-cream

Phuket-Krabi 116
Pig's trotter rice! Mmmm...

Phuket-Krabi 130
Good luck jasmine garlands

Phuket-Krabi 158
Big Head Ghost Cave

Phuket-Krabi 168
Limestone wonder

Phuket-Krabi 185
Cave guide and Nardia

Phuket-Krabi 194
Little Barney's

Phuket-Krabi 216
Serendipity - Island in the sunset

Phuket-Krabi 226
Karaoke machine

Phuket-Krabi 240
MK restaurant - Streamboat joy!

Phuket-Krabi 275
Shopping joy!

Phuket-Krabi 277
Reminders of the Tsunami

Phuket-Krabi 299
Countless tuk-tuks along Patong beach

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