Wednesday, October 04, 2006

9859 days old

Phuket-Krabi 206

2 days more to... Mid Autumn Festival :) Someone just told me "30 is like the new 18, you're a teen!" Bought a Bengawan Solo green tea mooncake! Ok, think it's more sentimental than gastronomic value... 'nough said.

Received a mailer from ABRSM telling me about the latest in music syllabus, courses and education efforts. Hmmm, been ages since I last touched any musical instrument besides my handphone... Somebody sell them decent CRM software pls.

Now, back to ageing... Still single AND happy, still a humble civil servant though job scope's changed radically, still faithfully serving in church but taking on greater responsibilities, still blogging :)

Guess this year hasn't seen any majorly significant achievements for me. But God's constantly renewing my mind and correcting erroneous beliefs and thought patterns. To God be the glory! And I'm still looking forward to greater things!

I digress but check out this warm & fuzzy clay-animated ditty: Happy Tree Friends :)

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