Friday, October 20, 2006

Oink If You Are Singaporean

Read this amusing and thought-provoking snort to the call for more graciousness at home.

"The pig is a great animal. It’s omnivorous, it will eat anything, even shit. It’s a highly efficient food processing platform as well as being extremely low maintenance. Leave a pig alone and it will fend for itself. It isn’t clingy or needy.

This is exactly the kind of image that Singaporeans want to project to the world. We are efficient and low maintenance. We get things done fast, without hiccups, while retaining the ability to work independently and for comparatively low wages. We’re also willing to take shit from people. As a Singaporean, I’m proud to behave like a pig."


Anonymous said...

Ah...then there's other euphemisms like "pragmatic" and "inculcated values".

Heck, we're already drinking out own pee with new water, is shit that far away?
- Lucid

Ed said...

Well, I hear there's a Jap-advocated diet of eating the feces of another who has undergone a special diet... Supposedly healthy and wholesome?