Sunday, November 26, 2006


Servitude Down Under

Top left: Eager Beavers @ Rockhampton Motorcross Show (you should see our bored faces 1 hour later. BTW never eat ice-cream while standing within 10m of the race track, else vanilla becomes cookies&cream *yilch*)

Top right: Often baking under the unforgiving Aussie sun, must be 40 deg Celsius. Deadfall & thin trees litter the land - occasionally we hear a dead tree collapsing in the distance and it made me skittish while doing big business in the field.

Bottom left: Many hours idling while dangling in hammock. That's one not-so-insane pose - I claim heat-inspired madness! Come reservist, lotsa talk-cock sessions and fooling around - no matter if you're 35yo or 40yo, whatever helps to kill time faster!

Bottom right: Hungry goat @ Rockhampton Heritage Village. Though boring town, it does have some history as a mining town more than 100 years ago - the harsh conditions in which their pioneers endured while starting a new home in a harsh land reminded me of our forefathers' difficulties.

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Lemming said...

Well, that's rockhampton for you!!
Actually, I've never been =P