Friday, December 29, 2006

Last Friday of 2006

Cleared my room, or rather, part of my table last night. It's bittersweet rifling through artifacts from the past; found a letter I never mailed and scribblings of goals I'd set for myself in '96 & '04. Then organized the cards and gifts I received this year.

Spent the morning doing tech support for my dad after the new desktop came. Yup, whenever he yells helplessly from the room, I gotta respond. I'm really no technie but dad thinks otherwise of my computing degree. I expressed irritation literally - "I'm irritated" - to no avail.

Such pleasant weather today - the rain's finally stopped, a bright sky and a cooling breeze going through the house. Great for a swim, but didn't have time. It's funny, but time really does tick by ever so surely - it's never enough.

The weekend awaits, so does church and bookstore duty.

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