Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Oh Rainy Night

My Room
My Room, the bane of all housewives

Oh rainy night, the drops are loud and falling
It is the night of much wine, friends, re-vel-ry...

Feeling rather satisfied right now, must be the wine speaking. T'was good catching up with old friends & (relatively) new girlfriends. T'was an unexpected card that left me smiling :)

Today I'd spent half the day at church, serving at the bookstore. While it was a thoroughly enjoyable session, I went home feeling burdened - mainly by the admin work that was thrust upon me. It has been challenging serving in the bookstore - long hours, dealing with difficult customers, mastering countless procedures that seem to keep evolving etc.

The toughest thing about serving is learning to lean on God - lasting in the ministry certainly takes commitment and dedication to excellence in everything I do. That means leaning on God for joy and strength or else burnout is inevitable. What can I say now...

Me & Uncle Patrick
Me & Uncle Patrick, the BBQ perfectionist

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