Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mouth to Mouth Referral

Thought of the day: How far would you go to voice your opinions? What about protecting your own rights? And the rights of others?

This occurred to me over dinner, cake & non-fair-trade coffee. While B was busy quizzing hapless service staff about fair trade (and the lack thereof), L related a recent incident where D not only got fleeced of his money but got into an awful shouting match with a hawker.

Earlier today I'd received an email mailer for a coming event and the organizer had inadvertently exposed about 100+ email addresses. I promptly shot a note back to voice my concern and to my surprise, an email recall quickly ensued - however no apology was made, whether individually or en masse.

I wonder what really prompts people to write in to forums with impassioned letters or to call into 93.8 and voice their views. Is it an altruistic desire to better public goods or an urge to simply opine (and sometimes whine)?

That said, here I am, opining.

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