Thursday, March 22, 2007

Finding Love There?

From the Arts House: "A Brief Affair with Infinity follows the story of a young Mathematics student who falls passionately in love with a married man. Pursuing studies into the concepts of infinity, the nameless protagonist begins to discover uncanny parallels between her research findings and her forbidden love affair. What is the square root of two lovers? Are all movements and journeys an illusion? How does one contain the all-consuming nature of infinity or desire? Blending aspects of Greek mythology, philosophical paradoxes, literary metaphors and stream-of-consciousness revelations, A Brief Affair with Infinity takes audiences on a stunningly intense journey of distraught love and piercing inquisitions."

Call me a prude, but my reaction of practically one of "what?!" when I read the write-up of this play in Life!. Some lines just shouldn't be crossed, no matter how strong the urges.

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