Thursday, March 29, 2007

Would you use biometric payment?

From ZDNet: Citibank on Wednesday launched a new fingerprint authentication payment service that lets its credit card customers pay for goods and services with a touch of the finger. Touted by the company as the world's first biometric cardless payment service for credit card transactions, the service uses technology from San Francisco-based biometric authentication vendor Pay By Touch.

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John B. Frank said...

When you consider that a check is a piece of paper with all your financial information written on it, and you hand it to complete strangers, who then pass it on to another 7 or so complete strangers, I would tend to believe that biometric payments are safer and more secure. The big brother BS'er's might argue differently, but maybe they should spend their time on video camera's posted on every street corner, or the dozen's of satellite's overhead.

At the end of the day, with ID Theft as prevalent as it is, and on track to get worse, biometric payments are the way of the future. They only measure data points, not the actual fingerprint, and cannot be reverse engineered into one, because the data is incomplete. In addition, you need to enter a 7 digit phone number (PIN) which gives it a secondary authentication measure.

To answer your question...Yes, I would use it all day long. More convenient (no wallet) FASTER (don't have to wait for the checkwriter) and more secure. Why wouldn't anyone use it? To learn more about Pay By Touch, visit: