Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ever Searching


Awoke around 5am to realize it was beginning to pour heavily outside. Quickly got up to shut the windows in my bedroom and the kitchen as well when I didn't hear anyone else getting up. Shuffling sleepily back, I slumped back into bed and tried to return to sleep.

Then this thought occurred to me: My moment in life would be when there is a critical need to be met and only I am at the right place and the right time to fulfill this important calling. After all, if I hadn't gotten up to close the windows immediately, the bedroom and kitchen would have gotten drenched. And I could possibly spend my life simply preparing for that grand moment of truth.

While watching Mr Bean's Holiday a couple of weeks ago, I wondered, why wasn't I born a French man, trotting about in a fashionable corporate suit? I could only assure myself that there had to be a reason why I'm here.

So do I already have a ready answer? No. But I do believe something's up God's sleeves.


Sian certainly became me after spending much time and energy pushing paper these 2 weeks. Main challenge: learning the art of communication - listening and communicating with people who don't listen.


Caught Little Heart Songs with Iv & gf. Was a tad disappointed upon realizing that "nostalgic" really meant old-school, hand-drawn animation and simplistic storytelling to cater to the kids. At least it ended with a catchy and meaningful tune.

One thought: going on a kamikaze mission is something I can't identify with. As I told Iv, I would go to war, doing my darnest to survive as long as possible to increase my usefulness.

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