Sunday, August 26, 2007

Of Running and Getai Cheese

Was awoken at 5.35am by my brother and soon we were plodding towards Esplanade Drive to kickoff a 12km run - courtesy of the Army Half Marathon aka Singapore Bay Run. Other than the inefficient bag management (we queued for an hour or so, and a poor Caucasian lost his bag), it was generally well-organized, considering the immense number of runners.

No idea what my timing was (cue: runners gasp in disbelief) simply because I hadn't a watch and we just aimed to complete it. Besides it's great just to have running company.

As I was blogging and searching for additional info, I chanced upon SGRunners, a running enthusiasts' club. Apparently, there've been lesser known runs happening, like the World Harmony Run (25km) and the Ultra Marathon Challenge (as many loops of 10km as possible in 7 hours).

Gotta keep running! :)

Caught 881 by Royston Tan with family in evening. Though my Hokkien is really quite lacking, was entertained by the tacky but imaginative OTT costumes, Hokkien numbers belting out one after another about life and hardships, and clever weaving of familiar pugilistic elements and supernatural beliefs.

Read interview: Well, I grew up in a kampung environment in Lorong Chuan, Serangoon Gardens, where everything is very grassroots. Back then, everyone knew your name. I chase that feeling constantly by talking to everyone and anyone. Taxi drivers, students, prostitutes – it doesn’t matter. They all have a story to tell.

Other facts I discovered from my parents and the net:
- The actresses like Liu Ling Ling were real-life getai celebrities during their heyday.
- The movie's promotional roadshow, done on a truck, was disrupted by an unidentified assailant pelting eggs from a motorcycle. One conspiracy theory says it was a publicity stunt.

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