Thursday, August 09, 2007

Seize the National Day

National Day 1969: Parade at the historical grounds of the Padang

My planned virgin visit to the Treetop Walk was thwarted by the merciless downpour this morning. An itchy throat and runny nose certainly didn't help.

Work's been droning on, yet fulfillment eludes me. I spent the day reflecting and work-life balance came to mind - more accurately, the need for effective time management. Does fulfillment come from achieving the objectives one originally charted out, i.e. sticking it through? Or does it come through activities one enjoys? What about keeping friendships alive, as featured in today's papers?

Other emotions followed.

Seeing the PM deliver his message and then reports of country leaders attending celebrations around the island triggered a sense of nationalism - also akin to communistic propaganda and shows of military might.

A familiar sense of childhood excitement followed as fighter jets scrambled off the screen to the skies outside our flats - as they invariably did every year.

A strange sense of foreboding arose within as images of war-fighting equipment flickered by - may they never be put to actual use. Then dinner interrupted - our family's favourite claypot rice in AMK - so we never got round to watching the fireworks.

Soon the bed will beckon and the daily/weekly routine continues

Four months more of the year remain. Carpe diem! admonishes from within.

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