Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ed Unlimited

For the past 2 weeks, been busy developing and executing the bookstore marketing plan. Must say, it’s turned out to be far more challenging and demanding than I initially thought.

Compound that with balancing other challenges at work. Uncertainty lies ahead as organizational changes begin to sink in. New opportunities and expanded responsibilities could result, but apprehension holds me for the moment.

My most important takeaway in the midst of this: sleep shortage demands spiritual sustenance. I see myself and other chugging on with less sleep, yet more speed. Now Houston, we’ve got super men and wonder women in our midst!

With the striking of the bio-clock and the year fast closing, the final straw came in the form a birthday gift of a book catalyzing a re-evaluation on my career.

Unsettled, unlimited, undone – that’s how I feel.

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