Sunday, October 28, 2007

Of Seeing, Fleeting and Wine

When you something beautiful, who do you tell? It's a telling answer. Yes, I saw the full moon a few nights ago and it was beautiful.

Ran the 15km today at 1h35m thereabout. Coulda, shoulda been faster but running with company is so much more meaningful :)

Oh, and the "egg yolk" sun this morning was unusually large and mighty beautiful too.

What's the big deal with wine and cheese anyway? Sour (fermented) grapes, you say? Perhaps. A more mature response is needed - it's not about atas-ness or social fit but about commitment and making a difference, methinks.

When you're feeling spent, how does one keep one's faith (amidst unanswered sms-es)?

If seeing is believing, what do you see?

Questions, questions, questions...

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