Friday, November 23, 2007

Merry Littleness

As we practised carols in the office today (bosses were away) and sang "Have yourself a merry little Christmas now," it struck me:

One, it's Christmas. Two, I'm single - still.

Hate to start the "I wish somebody wants me" track, but it's true isn't it? Deep down, we all want somebody and for that somebody to want us back.

Then there's the personal stock-taking of goals, achievements and unfulfilled desires. And that same desparate cry for vision and direction.

How many more birthdays, events, crises, ups & downs must one experience before the end is nigh?

For out of the heart springs the issues of life (Pro 4:23 paraphrased).

Do something before this year ends. Something different and meaningful. Something you're meant to do.


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