Sunday, December 02, 2007

Keep On Keeping On

Completed my virgin 42K in 5 hours this morning - it's on target and I'm satisfied :)

As CNA put it: Just crossing the line was a big enough prize.

The last 12K took a lot out of me though - cramps in the quadriceps and calves later left me hobbling along (yes I shoulda trained properly). Even the final 5km seemed so near yet so far, and Deep Heat can only do so much.

It was humbling to be overtaken by uncles and younger girls. But it was entertaining to read fellow runners who had scrawled their "Reason to Run" behind:

Most amusing - "Have you even seen the fuel prices recently?"
Most meaningful - "What's 42K compared to carrying a baby for 9months? To my wife and 6mth old son."
Most thought-provoking - "Each run is preparation for the next."

All in all, I thank God for His strength and protection, and for the grace to run this race.

Next year's possible target: 4h15min with running buddies

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Max said...

you've got running buddies for the next marathon already?!?!?!

Wanna do a bi?