Saturday, January 05, 2008

Swiftly come, swiftly go

In the blink of an eye amidst fading pyrotechnic smoke, we thus ushered in the New Year with cheers, shouts and song of Auld Lang Syne. Had a great time with ministry mates at Sunway Lagoon over New Year's eve. Besides the food & fun, it was really the fellowship that's most meaningful - getting to know people better and shaking off impressions and stereotypes.

Life never fails though to remind us of its fragility; I can't say my life flashed before my eyes on board the Viking but I certainly saw the news about a freak roller coaster accident in Japan. As if the deaths of an Army Major and a local comedian weren't sudden enough, a motorbike accident on SLE topped it off this morning - spied the rider motionless on rightmost lane whilst car driver/passengers looked frantic.

What's that, my 2008 goals? Some are on my mind, partially penned down. The weighty thing is this, I'm realising: time to evaluate and move from "I used to" and "Maybe..." towards "I've done it!"

Swiftly here I go!

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