Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy chinese pineapple tarts!

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Actually I've only had 1.5 tarts this year (.5 was for sampling). It's funny that mom started off lamenting the lack of time & energy, but eventually succumbed to self-made tradition, i.e. tarts & steamed cake. Reunion dinner last night was steamboat fare, homemade but replete with abalone & merlot.

The break from tradition was the lack of grandma's birthday celebration (mom refuses to say why). Cake and song zilch - even though Dad's birthday falls on the same day this year (Gregorian meets lunar). Hmmm...

Grams are certainly getting older - grandma's got weak and aching knees, while grandpa can't see properly in 1 eye.

2 days of CNY = Rest, Reflection, Recreation & Relationship.

Tuesday saw a major deliverable completed at work, only a couple more to go this month. Am wondering what's next... More of Him in me, that's certainly my prayer. Definitely bu bu gao shen, as my aunt wished me!

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Anonymous said...

hmmm, as far as I can remember, maybe u want to look back to the last lunar new year for the reason why ur grandma did not want to celebrate birthday.