Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Read recently that James Blunt used to be a soldier and even served in Kosovo. It's heartening what he says about being in the army:
I had to learn about different opinions and perspectives. Many people think the Army is just a group of people who follow orders. But it is not just that: you have to read a situation, assess and react appropriately. And you have to be flexible; soldiers have to switch, at one order from a commander, from being an aggressive force to peacekeepers. One is about forceful action, the other about hearts and minds. It's not surprising that I was able to become a musician after my military career, given that in the Army I learned how to change roles in an instant.

I have seen peace. I have seen pain,
Resting on the shoulders of your name.
Do you see the truth through all their lies?
Do you see the world through troubled eyes?
And if you want to talk about it anymore,
Lie here on the floor and cry on my shoulder,
I'm a friend.

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Angeline Tan said...

he sure looks decent & sober in his youthful army days! ;)