Friday, October 03, 2008

I Want to Stay with the Tree

"Joseph" 11yo, child abuse victim

Do you know how much I long,
For your one word of praise?
Yet everything I did was wrong.
I hear your voice blaring in my face,
The one who loved me was gone.

Oh how I yearned for your touch,
When my body hurts so,
You turned away, didn’t bother much,
My eyes traced your steps, my pain untold,
As you drift’d off with a shrug.

If you can’t have me,
I want to stay with the tree.
Let me go far far away,
I will find a place.
A bright, magical one,
with butterflies dancing in the sun.

How can I talk to you, like…
Before? You’d smiled at me.
When I could sit close by your side,
As you read out stories of Winnie.
And then you kissed me goodnight.

What are they asking me now?
I don’t want to think, please...
But I want it to stop somehow,
God, take me out of these miseries!
I want to shout it out loud!

Don’t you know I still want you?
Just can’t find words to say.
My real needs, if only you knew.
For you to accept me I will pray.
I wish you’ll know how I feel.

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