Friday, December 12, 2008


Brush (2008) by Lee Jung Woong - a painting within a painting?

Fly Away Home No. 6 by Yim Tae Kyu - what see you?

Chanced upon the Korean Art exhibition at SAM, was a welcome end to a Friday. The exhibition theme? Modern transcendence qua east meets west. Thought one of Lee's painting (not shown here) was a rather powerful capture of motion - of a still brush over spreading ink. Was struck by how Park Seo Bo so intricately created parallel lines of paper onto the canvas - he aims for the ultimate emptying out of himself. Very zen huh?

Strangers spotted along the streets:
- European man, angry, shouting and flinging his textbook onto the ground while walking off SMU campus. He must have failed his exams.
- 2 Malaysian Chinese girls, chatting excitedly about hair care and hair salons
- Singaporean Chinese guy, scolding someone over the phone, probably did something wrong though clear instructions were given

Someone spilled his marriage story and his past party lifestyle to me over lunch today. How to relate and how to encourage, one wonders.

Finally, a thought that occurred to me while swimming laps: What measure gives the strength of a man? Oh yes, size matters- the size of his shoulders, for his ability to carry others through life. And with responsibilities and social/emotional dependents, this man can't be in perpetual solitude. But befriend, understand and strengthen, he ought to.


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